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The origin of the Icepick

The idea for the Icepick originated in practice, namely during deadlifting. After all, you would like to change weight plates after your set. If you do this with one hand while changing the weights with the other, it quickly leads to problems and annoyances. 

That is why we designed the Icepick deadlift jack, a product that solves the problems when changing weight plates. The Icepick is a compact, light and strong product made from aluminum. It makes efficient use of the leverage effect by lifting at least one side of the barbell off the ground, leaving both hands free to change weight plates. The use of the Icepick barely costs power, regardless of how much weight is on the barbell. 

The Icepick is also intended to support you in exercising. It prevents a forced posture when changing the weight plates. In addition, the Icepick is a good tool if you have an injury. The Icepick is there for ease of use, efficiency and support. In short, the solution of a problem for the athletes!



The holder protects the barbell from damage. The barbell only makes contact with the  wear-resistant plastic  and not with the aluminum. This ensures that the barbell is not damaged during intensive use.


The foot ensures that the Icepick is balanced in the rest position. This guarantees a stable and sturdy support point. The turning circle guarantees efficient use of the leverage effect.


The handle provides a comfortable and firm grip. It is made of durable plastic. The Icepick is therefore user-friendly and durable. It is also easy to clean!


1. Ensure a firmflat en  horizontal  surface

2. Make sure the weights on the opposite side of the barbell are  secured

3. Place the holder on the barbell as close to the weights as possible but on the inside of the barbell

4. Pull the handle towards you in a slowcontrolled   motion , holding your other hand on top of the weights  for support

5. When the Icepick has rolled back, the weight rests on the foot

6. Once the Icepick is on its foot and stable, you can remove or add the weight plates

7. When you are done, push the handle forward while supporting the weight plates to maintain control 

8. Take a deep breath and go!