Advantages of the Icepick in different situations:

  • With the Icepick you can add weights to your bar easier and faster than ever. The rest between your sets is as important as the reps you perform. Too often you don't just lose time, but also energy with removing or adding weights. Certainly in training where you will train in reverse pyramid, it is very important that you save as much energy as possible and that you take your rest well. Nowadays, 150 - 180 seconds of rest is also recommended for strength and powerlifters, depending on the rep range and the RPE score. In recent years, more and more emphasis has been placed on tranquility.

  • Do you train at home and with someone else? But is he / she weaker or stronger than you? Then you undoubtedly know the situation that you have to remove and add the weights every time. Save time and energy with this thanks to the Icepick.

  • Have you just set a new Deadlift PR? You want to take off your weight plates and get ready for the next exercise? And it is precisely then that you have to watch out for injuries. The chance that you have a lot less grip strength is real. With a bar on the ground you bend more forward to pick up the bar with one hand. That will put pressure on your lower back (especially the erector spinea). You will also burden your latissimus dorsi, teres minor and major muscle by leaning forward. When you have just done a heavy set, your muscles are much more sensitive to injury. Avoid this bending over thanks to the Icepick.

Why is the Icepick so unique?

  1. The Icepick makes efficient use of the leverage effect by lifting at least one side of the barbell off the ground, leaving both hands free to change weights. This way you can actually rest between the sets, without any hassle.
  2. The holder protects the barbell from damage. The barbell only makes contact with the same type of plastic and not with the aluminum. This ensures that the barbell is not damaged during intensive use.
  3. The Icepick is a compact, light and strong product made from aluminum. This makes it easy to use and easy to store. The material is strong enough to lift more than 300kg.
  4. The handle provides a comfortable and firm grip. It is made of a special type of plastic that is durable. The Icepick is therefore user-friendly and durable.
  5. Little space required, also ideal for home in a smaller gym.